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"Your Own Backyard" podcast creator speaks out on latest Kristin Smart developments

Posted at 12:32 AM, Feb 06, 2020

When Chris Lambert released his first episode of "Your own backyard" in September 2019, he never expected the popularity and impact the series would have on the Central Coast, but also around the world.

"Today (Wednesday) it reached two million downloads, so it's doubled in the last couple of weeks. I think it's been sitting at like number five in the true crime chart but then somebody pointed out, I think it peaked at number seven in all podcasts out of any category," said Chris Lambert, "Your Own Backyard" podcast creator.

"Your own backyard" has put a new focus on the Kristin Smart investigation, in the public eye and within the San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office.

"What I did with the podcast was something that maybe this case really needed, it was suffering from a lack of attention and publicity and without that there really wasn't as much motivation to solve it," said Lambert.

Lambert revealed in his last episode that he received an anonymous tip saying the sheriff's office found two trucks that belonged to family members of Paul Flores.

On the same day the episode was released, breaking news.

The sheriff's office releasing a press release confirming two trucks from the Flores family were now in possession as evidence.

"I think the episode broke and they knew they were going to have to say something, so they did," said Lambert.

Through Lambert's interviews, listeners sending in tips, and the exposure the podcast is bringing to the case, "Your Own Backyard" has been a help to the sheriff's office as they work to solve the nearly 24 year old disappearance of Kristin Smart.

"The detectives themselves say your podcast has been hugely helpful. So when they said your podcast has led to tips that we've followed up on, that's something I didn't expect," said Lambert.

Lambert says everybody is talking about the case again, and that was the main goal on why he started the series.

To get people to remember Kristin and to ultimately find where she is now.

Lambert doesn't have a specific date or time, but he expects to be releasing more episodes in the series.