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Senior Angels of the Central Coast provides 200+ senior citizens with gifts

Posted at 7:14 PM, Dec 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-16 22:37:02-05

A month ago, we introduced you to Angie Miranda, who was on a mission to help provide holiday cheer to local senior citizens.

Miranda created a Facebook group dedicated to matching senior citizens up with a donor who would provide a Christmas gift. But what Miranda did not know was the amount of support that would come from the community wanting to help.

“I would post and people were like, 'When are you getting more? When are you getting more? Do you have any in SLO or any in Santa Maria?'" Miranda said.

In just one month, 300 community members from all over the Central Coast have joined in the movement providing Christmas gifts to over 200 seniors.

“I thought wow, what an amazing opportunity to do something for someone else during this time and this season, so I talked to my husband and we got together and adopted three seniors," said Marisol Romero.

For the first time, Miranda was able to meet some of the donors from the community on Thursday.

Each gift donated is crafted to meet exactly what each senior angel needs.

“There’s a bag for a resident and it has like ten things. Everything on the description that was specified for their needs was fulfilled," said Jessa Crabtree, director of activities at Arroyo Grande Care Center.

Donors say this organization has opened up the doors to help a community that's often forgotten.

“You stop and you realize these senior citizens don’t have a lot of people. Some do but some don’t and it’s those that don’t that you wouldn’t know about if it weren’t for organizations like this one that say hey, you can reach out and help," Romero said.

Miranda says her goal is to be able to do this all year long and she’s already in the process of turning this Facebook group into a non-profit next year.

To donate, join the Facebook group through this link.