Arroyo Grande's Gage Gomez moving on after abrupt end to season

Posted at 2:34 PM, Apr 03, 2020

With a win over Providence High School the Arroyo Grande boys basketball team was just one win away from hoisting a CIF state title, but with coronavirus concerns sweeping the nation, the Eagles never got that opportunity.

"I woke up that morning and got the news and it honestly seemed surreal," Eagles' senior Gage Gomez said. "I'll never forget the looks on the guys' faces when the news was broken to us. It was definitely heartbreaking.

Less than a month after having his season cut short, Gomez is doing anything he can to turn these circumstances into a positive.

"I have some roads I can run on, I have a nice little piece of concrete in the back that I can dribble on and a hoop, so that's really all I need," Gomez said. "If I can get better in the littlest of ways, I think it'll make strides in my game."

It's uncertain when we'll have organized sports again, but as far as athletes are concerned, Gomez feels there are only two choices.

"You could put your head in the sand or you could face adversity and make the most of it," Gomez added. "We can't play five on five, can't play pick up, can't get in the gym, but all you ready need is a hoop, a basketball, and some concrete, work on your crossovers, work on your between the legs, behind the backs, any moves you can, and you'll get better. Trust the work, and everything will fall into place."