Arroyo Grande's Makai Lipson gearing up for collegiate volleyball at Concordia

Makai Lipson is preparing for his next chapter playing volleyball at Concordia University
Posted at 8:09 PM, Jan 19, 2021

Arroyo Grande senior Makai Lipson is preparing for his next chapter as a volleyball player at Concordia University.

There is only 23 division one and 25 division two men's volleyball programs across the state so this is a sport that is competitive to find an opportunity at the next level. This year especially hard with student-athletes not being able to play their seasons. Lipson says his love for the game of volleyball began at a young age with his dad.

"My dad played volleyball a lot, he played in high school and college, he used to go down to Pismo and play and I'd go with him."

After attending a volleyball camp at Concordia, Lipson felt like the school was a good fit. "I really liked the coach and all of his philosophies. I wasn't looking for a big school or a big football school, that's not really my jam. It's a smaller school with like 5,000 kids. I really like that it's a small community. When we visited it was like an extended version of high school which is pretty cool," Lipson added.

Off of the court, Lipson plans to study psychology and pursue a career in sports psychology working with student-athletes. "I want to be able to search into what mental health has to do with impacting sports and how I can help people overcome that."

Best of luck to Makai Lipson in his next chapter at Concordia University.