Cal Poly baseball begins 2023 season with a 15-5 win over Missouri State

Posted at 10:58 PM, Feb 17, 2023

Missouri State's Cam Cratic scored the opening runs in the first inning with a two-run homerun but Cal Poly would pick up steam in the bottom of the third.

One of the few veterans and key players from last year, Joe Yorke, put the Mustangs on the board with a single to cut the deficit 2-1.

Then in the bottom of the fifth inning, the flood gates opened with two runners on, Aaron Casillas hit a deep double to score both and go up 3-2.

Immediately after, Evan Cloyd blasted a two-run shot to go up 5-2. Cal Poly opens up their 2023 campaign with a big 15-5 win.

Mustangs play game two of three against Missouri State, Saturday, Feb. 15 at 4 p.m.