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Link Danninger plays senior season following shoulder injury

Posted at 7:34 PM, Apr 08, 2021

SAN LUIS OBISPO — A few months ago, we weren't sure if high school sports would return to the central coast, but now seniors are playing for the last time. One San Luis Obispo senior, Link Danninger being able to play this season was what he was striving for after a serious shoulder injury.

"It was the first game against AG, I played one quarter and it happened in the second quarter. I went to make a tackle and I popped my right shoulder out and dislocated it. I never fully got back to normal so I went to the doctors and he did an MRI, they told me I tore my labrum and I should probably get surgery," Danninger said.

Danninger went from playing on the field to getting better in physical therapy and it was a difficult road to recovery.

"It was the uncertainty in everything. The injury it was like when am I going to get back and feel normal again and with COVID, it was like we don't get a season now we get one... But I'm glad we're here now and get to play."

After months of physical therapy, Link was finally back to practice with his team.

"He's always been one of our consistent hard workers in the program. always led by example in terms of his attendance and effort he's put in and the attention to detail. overall ability to be coach able and get better on a daily basis which is what we try to embody in our program," head coach Pat Johnston said.

Link's goal was to be able to be back for his senior season, and he did it.

"And that's why i'm so grateful for this year, after being told we wouldn't have a season and not having two in a row would've really sucked."

"The fact we were able to get this mini season done for him and his senior classmates and get him to come back from an injury like that has been rewarding in itself," coach Johnston said.

With just a few games left in a tigers uniform, link is doing what he can to make an impact, for coach Johnston - he says kids like him make his job that much better as a coach.

"When you have kids like link that are so receptive to the messaging that you're doing in your program and leads by example and tries to get others better as well as himself. it's a really rewarding moment when you can see that unfold."

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