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Morro Bay's Dylan Turner grinds for his next chance to play

Morro Bay's Dylan Turner trains in the offseason
Posted at 3:33 PM, Feb 02, 2021

High school student-athlete are continuing to find ways to train and get better in the off season, although there is no direction on when or if their seasons will be played this year.

A strong work ethic is something that many people want but few people have, especially when no one is watching. That's the case for Morro Bay wrestler and football player, Dylan Turner, who is using this time to grind during the long off season, not knowing when he will have the chance to compete again.

"Even though we aren't playing, there is still an opportunity to come out here and get better every day," Turner said.

A few Morro Bay student-athletes have been getting together a few times a week to train at elementary schools or in garages. But for Turner, the past year hasn't been a breeze by any means in addition to not being able to wrestle or play football games.

Turner dislocated his shoulder at the beginning of wrestling season last year and tore his cartilage and labrum so he had to sit out the rest of the season. He ended up needing surgery but because the surgery wasn't considered essential due to COVID-19, he had to wait a few months for the operation.

Four months of physical therapy during the recovery process and since, he has been training and working on getting better, faster and stronger.

"I just don't lose hope... Even if we don't {play} I have to keep training for my senior year. Eventually, the goal is to play at the next level in college."

That's what keeps him going, the desire and dream of playing football at the collegiate level. "It's important to keep getting better and keep working because I don't want to lose anything or lose time."

According to Turner, most student-athletes hope that they will begin this year but in the meantime, a few Morro Bay football players alongside head coach Jake Goossen-Brown plan to begin a 7-on-7 league in the next month so they can play football again on the central coast.