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Sierra Campisano looks to lead the Mustangs deep in March

Posted at 8:20 PM, Feb 10, 2021

The Cal Poly women's basketball team has some unfinished business following the Big West tournament getting canceled due to the pandemic last season. Senior Sierra Campisano is continuing to dominate on the floor and lead Cal Poly this season.

"Everyone last year, especially me, was bummed with how last year ended. We were getting on a good run in the Big West Tournament, hoping to get an NCAA bid. I just kind of use that as motivation to try to get in my most tip top shape to help the team however I can so we can get wins and hopefully be in a good situation like that again this year," Campisano added.

It's been a year like no other and with no fans in the stands, teams have gotten closer having to be each others cheerleaders every game.

"We've been trying to implement that in practice everyday. Lots of energy, bringing what we can, playing for each other, our coaches and all of the people that are watching the Big West network now instead of in the stands."

Something that you may not know about Campisano is who she is off of the court. She has a strong passion for reading, literature and English. She hopes to teach English one day in San Diego, just like her parents.

"My dad is a high school math teacher at Torrey Pines and my mom is a middle school special ed and education specialist. That's what I want to do. I want to teach high school english one day when basketball is over and really being able to see how my parents were able to touch their students. My dad's students always come back and visit... it's really cool to see how he's impacted peoples lives," Campisano said.

Until then, she still has work to do as a Mustang, ready to make another run come March.

"Really playing each game like its our last and making sure we are improving each game. Hopefully we have a good run in the Big West tournament, that's what we're really hoping for."