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The brothers of Santa Ynez football

Santa Ynez
Posted at 7:03 PM, Apr 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-06 22:26:42-04

SANTA YNEZ — The Santa Ynez Pirates have always had a family atmosphere but the roster this season is a little more special with three sets of brothers on the team, including two of Coach McClurg's sons.

"It's a tough thing too because as a father you always want to see your kids succeed at whatever they do. at the same time you're a coach and you have to try to treat everyone equally. i have to reel myself back to try and not treat my kids harder than anyone else because that's second nature for me. that's how my dad was when he coached me in youth football," coach said.

Cash and Canyon McClurg have gone from being ball boys to water boys to now varsity football players for the Pirates.

"We were always around football because he was a coach... it was different coming to high school, most people think if you're the coaches son he will be easy on you or you start but no he's always been harder on us which has made us better in the long run."

Vincent and Isaac Moran are playing on the varsity this season together for the first time.
"We didn't really expect to be on the same team... He's the older brother so he's been better than me at things so i don't like being worse at things than him. i work to try to get on his level," Isaac added.

Leo and Manuel Valencia love the competition competing against each other in practice.

"Even when i do out lift him or win at wrestling or whatever, he doesn't quit. he comes back the next day harder than ever. Persistence is something hes taught me," Manuel said.

Competing against siblings always seems to be more intense.

"We always compete - around same speed, height weight, we are evenly matched … against each other we are really competitive," Cash and Canyon said.

Real brothers or not, the team at Santa Ynez is a family and that is what the culture is built on.

"I think its neat we have 3 sets of brothers on the team, i think it adds to the family atmosphere you try to create as a football coach and the brotherhood. they all get along and all 3 sets of brothers are good kids," Coach McClurg said.