Central Coast Gymnastics sends four to Nationals

Posted at 11:17 PM, May 08, 2023

Central Coast Gymnastics continues to be a growing hot spot for not only some of the region's best gymnasts, but for some of the country's best, young talent. This week, four boys from the program will be back in the national spotlight in Oklahoma City.

David Ramirez, Tristan Ketting-Olivier, Peter Davis-Ross and Sean Broadwater will all compete at the Development Program Nationals thanks to their performances at the state and regional level. Head Coach Renato Deza has been at the helm of the program since 2019 where all these kids have already proved they can compete on the national level with many of them returning to big stage. Due to their success, Deza believes the success of the boys and the gymnastics program comes down to three factors.

"A good gym, a good facility, a good coach, good coaching staff and good kids and families that support those kids, the central coast gymnastics has those three things," Deza said. "Most of them are returning to nationals. This is going to be their second, third or even fourth year coming back to nationals so they're obviously very talented, but especially very hard working."

All four boys are in levels 8-10 with 10 being the highest you can be. Three of the four enter nationals as junior elites where they are competing for spots on the national team. Tristan Ketting-Olivier is the lone senior of the group and continues to pursue a rare Division I athletic scholarship. The Development Program Nationals run from May 9-14.