Cryotherapy comes to Sloco Massage and Wellness Spa

Posted at 6:02 PM, Dec 12, 2019

Run. Rest. Recover. Repeat -- all in a day's work for Jordan Hasay as she prepares for the 2020 Olympic trials in February.

Right now, Hasay is back on the Central Coast and excited about a special type of therapy that's helping her in the recovery phase of her training.

She's a regular now at Sloco Massage and Wellness Spa in San Luis Obispo where she undergoes cryotherapy sessions in their new cryosauna.

The three-minute treatment is chilled to 230 degrees below zero and has become a very important piece of Hasay's regimen.

Sloco just got the cryosauna in August and Hasay goes almost every day now that she's returned to live in the area.

Hasay says the local cryotherapy treatments help her with injuries and boost her energy.

"Yes, the cryosauna is just a really great recovery tool," Hasay said. "I'm putting in 120 miles a week of pounding on my legs, so to come into the cryosauna to get re-energized and recovered, it's really important for me for preventing injuries. I'm just really thankful to have this resource now in the community."

Hasay, and the staff at Sloco, add that cryotherapy is used for many different cases, not just athletes in recovery, so be sure to check it out if interested.