Dylan Beavers continues to shine with Cal baseball

Posted at 10:00 PM, Dec 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-24 01:00:39-05

From playing baseball at Mission Prep and currently at Cal Berkeley, to now having his eyes on the major leagues, Central Coast native Dylan Beavers is gearing up for his junior season with the Golden Bears.

"I've gotten the chance to develop as a player, I have the opportunity to get a good education up there. I love Berkeley, the bay area, it has been good," Beavers said

Beavers has been turning heads across the baseball world since he played at Mission Prep and those heads aren't going to stop turning anytime soon.

"Dylan has the dream build for any athlete, tall, lengthy, strong, wiry. He's developed a lot physically, the biggest thing for him is continuing to hone his baseball skills because he has all of the physical gifts in the world," baseball trainer Noah Cracknell added.

The central coast has produced better baseball players year after year, and a lot of that began with Cooper Benson, Brooks Lee, and Dylan Beavers. Now the talent in the area continues to grow.

"They've set the tone for everyone, they know its possible, you can see the talent coming, more interested in baseball, more money, they've shown kids its possible, I think that's why they are working so much harder with more confidence now," Bears long-time coach Mike Murphy added.

Beavers is now heading into his junior season at Cal, with an even brighter future ahead with the 2022 MLB draft in June. But all eyes are on the upcoming season, improving and becoming the best ballplayer he can.

"I'm trying not to worry too much about the draft but my goals are to go to the big leagues, make a career out of baseball"

"We aren't changing much from what we've done since he was 9-10... We hear a lot of noise about the draft, we try to put it out and worry about winning games but you can tell he's put a lot of time into his body, he's matured... baseball will take care of itself"

This season Beavers hopes to lead the Golden Bears to the postseason and bring a winning culture to Cal.