Former Cal Poly coach Mike Leach dies

Posted at 11:40 PM, Dec 13, 2022

Longtime college football coach and personality Mike Leach died Monday as a result of a heart attack.

The Mississippi State Head Football Coach was 61.

Leach's coaching career began in 1987 at Cal Poly as a graduate assistant and an offensive line coach.

"People like Mike Leach, John Madden, Bobby Beathard, you go on and on, and a lot of people football-related that have gone through that university and it is an impressive list," said Cal Poly Football Head Coach Paul Wulff.

A legacy of coaches have come and gone through Cal Poly, with the legendary coach Mike Leach beginning his career in San Luis Obispo.

"People have been everywhere and it is amazing," said Wulff.

New Mustangs Head Coach Paul Wulff and Leach not only have called Cal Poly their home, but both were also head coaches at Washington State.

"I've known him for over 15 years," said Wulff. "I got to know him a number of years ago. I actually held a clinic and he was one of our featured speakers quite a few years back."

Wulff recalls the personality Leach presented that captured the college football world.

"He was a very interesting man," said Wulff. "He was very intrinsic in his thoughts, a good guy at heart, and definitely does things different. He came after me at Washington State and took over the program and did a fine job."

Leach is known as a man who was instrumental for establishing the air-raid offense, as well as for his personality that captivated all college football fans.

"He was really pretty successful everywhere he was," said Steven Knapp, a San Luis Obispo visitor. "He just was inventive and quirky and his interviews were always must-watch."

"He was definitely a character," said Wulff. "Everyone knew that. He will be missed as someone that was off the wall and didn't do things like everyone else. He just was different and was very okay with being different."