Local hiking group backpacks their way across the West

Posted at 11:08 PM, May 05, 2022

ARROYO GRANDE — A local hiking group on the Central Coast of men from ages 60 to 83, take backpacking trips together across the West. The group is bonded by the love of hiking, adventures, and memories.

At the beginning of every year, the group gets together to plan their hikes throughout the course of the year, some trips are 40 miles long carrying 30 pounds up and down the mountains.

One member of the group, John Cable, is 83-years-old. He still hikes miles and miles on these backpacking trips and doesn't let age slow him down.

"An inspiration for me is John Cable, he's at it and he's 83. I'm 69, so I plan on being with the group for another 14 years… and we're going to hold him to it," member Doug Schoen said.

A group of men bonded by the freedom of being outdoors, backpacking, and good company.

"We all love what we do, it feeds our soul to be out in the mountains and to hike. To be with people who have that same spirit is such a joy, it adds so much to life," member Ross Chenot added.