Paso Robles prepares for FCA All-Star Football Classic

Posted at 10:40 PM, Jun 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-13 18:19:12-04

High school athletes from Paso Robles say they are excited and honored to earn a trip to the FCA All-Star Football Classic this year.

Paso Robles All-Star Ethan Wright said, “I was involved in FCA for a couple years at my high school at Paso. I’ve been to a few meetings and it’s nice to see everybody and have a little prayer at school.”

The game allows athletes from other schools to join forces and grow together.

Wright said, “I’ve grown up with all of these kids. Back in the day, I played Templeton Youth Baseball so I know all of these guys. Over the years, we kind of split up, went our separate ways, moved to different cities. I am excited, it’s kind of like a reunion game I get play with all of my friends.”

Paso Robles Chevrolet General Manager Lars Jorgensen said, “This is for the Fellowship of the Christian Athletes to come together to create more bonds, relationships with other players than just the players they would normally play with. I think that to me is a big part of the ingredients that makes this so worthwhile.”

The FCA All-Star Football Classic will kick off its 10th anniversary on June 26th.