RBC Heritage golf trophy made in Nipomo

Posted at 9:23 AM, Jun 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-18 12:23:34-04

The PGA returned last week after a three-month shutdown as golfers competed in a thrilling tournament at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas. Now the focus shifts to Hilton Head, South Carolina, but almost 2,600 miles away, the winner's trophy for the tournament is made at Malcolm DeMille in Nipomo.

"Everything we do is handmade," owner Malcolm DeMille said. "We've got some great people back there who do some superb finishing work and make a beautiful piece of art that's used as a trophy."

When it comes to this specific trophy, the process takes months. It goes through several steps with a variety of people chipping in to do their part. One of the steps involves melting the bronze in an oven at 2200 degrees, but that's really just where the process begins.

"Then from there there's a lot of grinding, sanding, finishing, fitting and welding that takes place to being it up to a nice finish," DeMille said.

For DeMille and the PGA, it's a relationship that's lasted over 30 years. DeMille and his team have been responsible for a number of great moments in golf over that period of time.

"We work very hard at making something an art piece that makes our customers look great," DeMille added. "We're in the business to make our customers look good and that's what we try very hard to do."