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Increasing rain chances starting late Wednesday afternoon

Posted at 4:06 AM, May 15, 2019

The rain is still scheduled to reach the Central Coast Wednesday, with increasing chances right around the late afternoon. However, don’t be surprised if there are a few spurts of scattered showers throughout the morning before the front actually crosses over the area.

As the rain approaches, daytime highs will be much cooler with temperatures in the 60s for most areas.

Rainfall potential continues to vary, and ranges are from .05’’ all the up to 2’’ of rain. The mountains and foothills will likely get the most out of this system but even parts of the coastal valleys could receive over 1’’ of rain.

When can we expect this rain? Weather models are showing the system starts to pick up right around 4:00 p.m., first along the north coast and central coast region. It will continue to travel toward the south coast well into Wednesday evening and bring an increased potential for thunderstorms and hail. The heavier rain is expected to continue through most of Thursday morning before tapering off around the morning commute. Scattered showers are still a possibility heading into the afternoon hours.

Photo by Cecil Horton.