A few clouds stroll through mid week

Posted at 6:48 PM, Apr 24, 2022

Day-time highs were toasty across the Central Coast, with temps skyrocketing into the 70's to low 80's around the valleys and inland areas and even many of the coastal areas pushing into the 70's.

Our wind advisory for the Santa Barbara County area has lifted. Although we did see some breezy winds persist through the day, they were not strong enough to push us into advisory territory.

Monday will be another warm day, possibly even slightly warmer than Sunday, especially for the interior areas. A slight sea-breeze kicked on some natural A/C for the coast Sunday afternoon and might do the same through Monday, but temperatures will still be decently warm.

A cool down won't really start until around Tuesday, as a system passes over us and kicks in some clouds and marine layer for the coast. Temperatures will slide down into the lower 70's mainly to 60's for cooler prone areas, like the North Coast.

Sundowner winds could prove to be an issue again Tuesday night for the Santa Barbara County area, and breezy everywhere else.

There will not be a huge change in weather patterns besides another round of clouds passing over Thursday. Thursday will be the coolest temperatures of the extended forecast due to more clouds, but again, the temperatures will not take a significant dive.