Daytime highs continue to trend up Wednesday

Posted at 5:04 AM, Oct 28, 2020

Warmer daytime highs are on the way Wednesday as high pressure starts to build over the Central Coast through Friday. However, overnight lows and morning temperatures are going to remain chilly as temperatures drop to the 30s over inland valleys and to the 40s for coastal valleys and beaches.

By the afternoon, peak temperatures at the coast will fall somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees. For the coastal and inland valleys, daytime highs will likely stay between the mid-70s and low 80s.

Air quality over the eastern portion of San Luis Obispo County in the Carrizo Plains and Red Hills region will remain moderate Wednesday due to wildfire smoke blowing from the central part of the state.

Northeasterly winds will persist throughout the morning hours ahead of a northwesterly shift by the afternoon. Most winds are going to stay between 10-15 miles per hour, but there is potential for wind speeds to reach 25 mph. By the weekend, northwesterly winds will be more prominent. The slight change in the wind pattern will allow for the redevelopment of coastal marine layer. Afternoon temperatures on Halloween will also be on the warmer side, ranging from the mid-70s and low 80s across the inland valleys and 60s and 70s across the beaches.