Heat is on its way back to the interiors

Posted at 5:05 PM, Aug 21, 2022

Sunday was a mild end to the week with the warmest area only hitting the mid 80's. Clouds shielded many on the coastal areas from the heat today as well, but that buffer is on its way out.

A ridge is building over the area that will crank up those day time highs, especially for our inland areas. Monday will be the first day of triple digit temperatures and Tuesday is looking like the peak day of heat for the week.

In the next day or so, temperatures may hit advisory levels for the interior areas of SLO and SB counties. If so we will update with and issue the advisory.

Once we hit mid week the temperatures should start to take a dip. For areas like Paso Robles, that means back to the lower 90's, but for many of our coastal valleys highs will be mainly in the upper 70's throughout the extended period.

That ridge that will be warming up the area will also help keep some of the low clouds at bay, meaning our pattern of marine layer overnight into the mornings will be put on a brief pause or at least lessen its reach.