Intense winds make things tough for fire crews on Hollister fire

Posted at 8:24 PM, Mar 12, 2022

Things warmed up Saturday, with highs in the low 70's for a lot of regions but the wind speeds were the real issue as a fire broke out in the Gaviota area.

The biggest issue for fire fighters on this blaze will be the continued wind speeds that are picking up overnight Saturday into Sunday.

Those gusts are whats called sundowner winds that happen especially on the south coast, and whip down the sides of mountains heating the ground through compression as they do so.

Gusty winds forced a wind advisory which is in place until Monday at 3:00 a.m.. It will encompass the Santa Barbara coast and mountains.

Sunday temperatures will also take a dip as a system passes over head in the Pacific North West, and onshore flow returns, pushing in the marine layer and low clouds.

This could also be a good thing for fire crews battling the Hollister fire. While the clouds might not make it as far as the Santa Barbara mountains it's still likely that some of the moisture will make its way over through the winds.

Hopefully with that added moisture, we will see higher dew point temperatures and relative humidity, meaning more moisture in the air.

Monday temperatures will rebound a bit pushing back into the 70's after a dip into the 60's on Sunday.

Skies will be mainly clear until Tuesday as another weak system pushes in more low clouds, but temperatures stay relatively the same.

Midweek another ridge sets up over the forecast area, upping temps a bit, but also sets us up for another possible wind event.

Through the end of the week and weekend models are not in total agreement but show us staying warm in the upper 70's.