Marine influence is bringing some sweet relief

Posted at 4:17 PM, Jun 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-29 22:16:23-04

We already saw some cooling throughout the area Wednesday, and the marine influence linger in some places. Heat advisories that were in affect the last couple days lifted Tuesday and thanks to the cooling trend, they were not extended.

Most areas saw around five degrees of cooling but places in the interiors, like Paso Robles, dropped around 10 degrees. While the upper 90's might not feel all too cool, the drop in temperature will continue through the extended period.

As the ridge of high pressure that was kicking up temps moves out to the east of us, low clouds will start to form. The coolest day of the extended period will be Saturday.

As for winds, we have been pretty lucky lately that they have not been their gusty selves. That could change within the next week. Sustained winds by the Camino Fire, near Arroyo Grande, have been mild but the gusts have started to act up. This afternoon gusts speeds heightened into the upper teens to low 20's but will back off over night. The same pattern will ensue Thursday as well.

Our wind prone areas, i.e., the South Coast, will start to see some advisory level winds Thursday and Friday.

Your Fourth of July weekend be mainly sunny and mild before another possible warming trend begins next week!