Mild changes through the week

Posted at 4:36 PM, Apr 30, 2022

It was warm and windy across the Central Coast to start off the weekend on Saturday, and there will only be minor changes throughout the extended forecast.

A Wind Advisory is in place for the usual areas, the Santa Yenez Mountains and the Santa Barbara South Coast, until Sunday at 3a.m.. Expect northerly winds up to 30 mph and gusting up to 50 mph overnight Saturday. Although the advisory will lift early Sunday morning, sundowner winds in that same area will persist through Monday night.

Temperatures over the next week will only see some slight changes. Things will cool very slightly the next couple of days as a few low clouds make their way into some of the coast and valley areas but temperatures will still stay, for the most part, in the lower 70's. A brief ridge will build midweek, meaning Wednesday will be the warmest day, giving us a break from some of those clouds. Overall temperatures stay nice and mild, though the interiors will be the warmest peaking in the 80's.

The only other thing to note is that those northerly winds may pick back up towards the end of the week, Thursday into the weekend.