Mild warm up through Wednesday

Posted at 11:39 PM, May 21, 2022

Low clouds plagued many of the beaches and valleys Saturday morning keeping temperatures mild, with the exception of the interiors which saw temps pushing 90's.

A warming trend is approaching, which will push the interiors into the 90's, the valleys into the 80's and beaches into the low 70's. Warming will start Monday and peak on Wednesday before another slight cooling.

The low clouds that have been prominent the last few days will continue through the short term, especially in the mornings, before dissipating through the afternoon.

The clouds will become isolated to the beaches by Tuesday, and skies will remain mainly clear for all other areas.

Winds will pick up for the western parts of Santa Barbara County early in the week, but they will stay below advisory levels.

Overall the forecast does not have any big changes and things will stay mild through the extended period.