Skies will be partly cloudy Friday ahead of a cooler weekend

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Posted at 5:05 AM, Jul 23, 2021

Daytime highs are going to start to trend down Friday, which will continue through the start of next week. In addition to the cooler conditions, more clouds will develop and settle in over the central coast as wind speeds decrease.

The morning commute will, once again, include cloudy and overcast skies that have the potential to create mist and drizzle. While skies will be mostly clear by the afternoon across the interiors, coastal regions will experience more gradual clearing through late morning and early afternoon.

Northwesterly winds along the coast will diminish Friday and through at least the end of the weekend, which will allow a deeper marine layer pattern to settle in. As a result, daytime highs will be cooler along the coast and closer to the low 60s and low 70s range along west-facing beaches. As for the coastal valleys, expect low to upper 70s for Friday, followed by low to mid-70s by Sunday. The biggest change in temperatures will be felt across the interiors where daytime highs will trend down to the upper 80s to mid-90s Friday, and be closer to the 80s and low 90s by the end of the weekend.

The temperature change is due in part to a low-pressure system developing over southern California. Interestingly enough, if this system strengthens, it could allow for skies to clear at the coast before the valleys do over the weekend ahead. In addition, the low pressure could also result in additional monsoonal moisture over the Sierra Nevada.