Slightly cooler start to the week

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jan 23, 2022

While today was another nice warm day for the entire region, Monday will be a bit cooler in most areas.

The start of the week our winds will shift, turning onshore, aiding in a temperature drop for the beaches and coastal valleys while the interior valleys get away with no change.

The reasoning for the flipflop being that the sea breeze that will be cooling the surrounding areas simply won't reach the interior areas.

Something to note though, is the overnight lows in those interior valley areas. they will be very near freezing all week, even with the warmer daytime highs.

Starting Monday morning we have a High Surf Advisory in place for all west facing beaches in both SLO and Santa Barbara Counties.

Waves will reach heights of 10 ft. and there will be a dangerously strong rip current which will increase the risk of drowning.

Even experienced swimmers should take caution when around the water during this period, from Monday morning to Wednesday evening.

Tuesday will be another transition period as flow begins to turn offshore again and a warming trend approaches.

Temperatures will not start to see those changes though, until Wednesday.

Things could get a bit breezy during this time as the wind pushes in the warm air that will be heating things up.

Models are showing the warmth to last at least mainly through the weekend, with Saturday having the possibility of a small drop in temperature.

Overall temperatures will sit in the upp 60's to lower 70's all week long with mainly clear skies.

Models are showing a dry end to the month but there is hope for moisture as we head into February.