Temperatures start to warm slightly through the week

Posted at 9:04 PM, Oct 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-16 02:17:36-04

Good evening Central Coast!

Some funky weather going on the past couple of days and even some drizzle Saturday (nothing really measurable though)! With the persistent clouds and cooler temps it's really feeling like fall here on the Central Coast!

Sunday the clouds will continue and our daytime highs will again be cooler because of them and the low pressure system that is lingering over the forecast area. That system is what brought more substantial rain to southern California in areas like San Diego, Palm Springs, and Los Angeles. The low will continue to fizzle out tomorrow and a ridge will build, helping our daytime highs just a bit.

Clouds will still dominate especially over night and early mornings but throughout the first half of the week temps will creep up. For the interiors, highs will pull themselves back up into the mid to upper 80's by Wednesday. The coastal valleys and beaches will see more minimal warming as highs tap out for many areas in the low to mid 70's. Some beach communities will have a hard time getting out of the 60's though, thanks to clouds.

The extended period aka the second half of the week, things will start to cool down again as another low moves in closer to CA.