The brutal boil continues across the Central Coast

Posted at 5:12 PM, Jun 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-11 21:35:49-04

Someone turned the heat up and put a lid on the entire Central Coast, bringing us to a boil! Temperatures have been sweltering the past few days and the heat wave continues.

Across the immediate coast line, the marine layer has been clinging for dear life which might have been a savior for the beach area temperatures. Daytime highs for the beaches dropped several degrees due to the low clouds making things a lot more bearable compared to the valleys and interiors.

Low clouds will deepen this evening pushing further across the coast and into the valleys. Patches of dense fog may also pop up throughout the coastline.

The interior areas of San Luis Obispo County are still under an excessive heat warning until 10:00p.m. Saturday evening. Dangerously hot conditions with temperatures in the upper 90s to 108 expected. The risk for heat related illnesses is elevated at this time, so take precautions.

There is also a heat advisory in place for the Santa Barbara Interior Mountains and San Luis Obispo County Mountains. Temperatures up to 100 expected, mainly lower elevations. The Advisory will lift at 10:00pm Saturday.

Once the heat advisories expire we will see some sweet relief, temperature wise, for most of the area. Sunday and Monday there is a system taking over that will start to drop temperatures at the end of the weekend by about 5 degrees. There will be more significant cooling Monday dropping the valleys into the 80's.

That system will also increase wind speeds manly for the South Coast. On Sunday night, gusty sundowners will make their return to southern Santa Barbara County, focused across the western half of the Santa Ynez range. Sundowners on Monday will likely spread across the entire Santa Ynez Range with gusts 35-55 mph. The hills around Montecito could see gusts of at least 50 mph on Monday night.

The gusty winds will kill any of the lingering marine layer throughout the area.

The cooler temperatures will be short lived as another round of triple digit temps make their way to the interiors Tuesday through Thursday. Another round of heat advisories will be likely during this time period. One again the risk for heat related illnesses will be elevated, so precautions such as; air conditioning, staying out of the sun, limiting time outdoors and checking on loved ones will be crucial.

Things will once again cool down into the weekend with widespread highs slumping back ito the 80's.