The forecast is quiet, slight cool down for interiors

Posted at 5:35 PM, Jul 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-25 02:02:12-04

Temperatures took a noticeable drop around the interiors, hopefully making things a bit more enjoyable for those attending the Mid State Fair. The decrease in day-time temps comes from a low pressure system sitting of the coast. That system is ushering in some onshore flow that has been deepening the marine layer, pushing past the beaches and into the coastal valleys.

Winds will be mainly on-shore and breezy, though some northerly off-shore gusts could occur overnight throughout the south coast. Speeds do not look likely to reach advisory levels.

Up until Monday we could see that marine layer and fog push even farther, possibly dipping into the interiors like Paso Robles. With the help of those low clouds, our day-time highs will stay cooler through Tuesday.

At the mid week marker a shift in pressure will occur, a high will begin to dominate the region creating a small bump in temps for the remainder of the week. The increase in temperature will not be all that noticeable, especially for the warmer areas inland. The temps in Paso should once again reach the upper 90s by the weekend.

As for the coastal valleys and areas towards the water, daytime highs will struggle to make it into the 70's. The north coast is forecast to stay mainly in the upper 50's through Tuesday.