The worst is over, much needed cool down coming

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Posted at 7:19 PM, Aug 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-24 02:09:07-04

The hottest day of the week has passed and our heat advisory is on the verge of dropping. The interiors will still be well into the 90's come Wednesday, but places like Paso are expected to see a 10 degree drop from the 103 they saw Tuesday.

As for the rest of the area, heading into the weekend we can expect a big drop. Much of our beaches cooling into the lower 60's even some spots on the north coast expected to fall into the 50's.

Coastal Valleys will dip into the lower 70's and Sunday is looking like the coolest day of the week.

That pesky marine layer will continue its regular deepening over night into the morning for most areas besides the interiors. The low clouds should clear by the afternoon except the possibility of some stragglers by the beaches.

as we look ahead to next week we could see temperatures start another slow climb to warmer conditions.