Some drizzle expected Friday in San Luis Obispo County, but heavier rainfall anticipated Sunday throughout the Central Coast

San Luis Obispo
Posted at 6:52 AM, Oct 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-22 11:51:06-04

Friday, there is a chance for some light drizzle especially with the potential of around .10 inches in the northwestern part of San Luis Obispo County, specifically the areas surrounding Cambria and Paso Robles.

Along the coasts, the marine layer is expected to stay quite low and thick, with low clouds expected to last throughout the evening.

There is a High Surf Advisory from October 22 at 6 a.m. until October 23rd at 10 p.m. along the coast, north of Santa Maria.

Temperatures throughout San Luis Obispo County are likely to stay lower than seasonal average by about 6 to 12 degrees, however, along the coast in Santa Barbara County, cities may actually see temperatures warm a bit due to an offshore flow.

Saturday is anticipated to be partly cloudy and temperate with Cambria seeing some potential for drizzle, but Sunday is when neighbors can expect a deep marine layer and a cold frontal system that is likely to bring rain.

In San Luis Obispo County, the rainfall is expected to start earlier Sunday, meanwhile, in Santa Barbara County, people may start seeing precipitation later in the evening and into early Monday.

Rainfall amounts could deliver more than an inch of rain, with Northern California could see more than that and a few feet of snow above 7,500 ft.