Triple-digit temperatures will take over a majority of the central coast Wednesday

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Posted at 5:21 AM, Jun 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-16 10:07:18-04

High pressure and offshore flow will continue to dominate the forecast Wednesday as daytime highs are expected to sore to 100 degrees across our valley locations, and possibly even the coastal areas.

Starting with the coast, daytime highs will sit between the mid-80s to about the low 100s with the hottest temperatures over Avila Beach and Pismo Beach. The offshore flow has been stronger the past couple of days, which has really allowed conditions to heat up at the local beaches.

For the coastal valleys, expect daytime highs to be right around 100 degrees to 111 degrees. While these are hot conditions in general, daytime highs will be closer to the 110-degree mark over cities like Nipomo and Arroyo Grande.

Interior valley communities are going to mostly be from the upper 90s to about 106 degrees Wednesday. While the rest of the central coast will have temperatures that start to trend down Thursday, the inland valleys will hold on to those triple-digit temperatures through the start of the weekend.