Warmth wins for most of the week

Posted at 9:44 PM, Jan 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-23 00:44:27-05

Winds have started to subside and advisory levels are isolated to the L.A. area, while locally temperatures start to rise.

Sunday will be very similar to Saturday temperature wise, the interior valleys were a bit cooler than the rest of the region but will follow suit and warm up tomorrow.

Monday things flip flop a bit as winds turn on-shore and a nice sea breeze cools things down a tad bit, at least for the coast and valleys.

The interior areas will stay the same or warm a few degrees from Sunday to Monday.

A system makings it's way through Utah may push in some gusty conditions through the interior valleys on Tuesday afternoon but it is not something we are worried about.

Models show wind speeds staying below advisory levels and there is no cold air associated with this system meaning temperatures will not change much Tuesday.

A ridge of high pressure is building on the west coast which will prevail Wednesday, shifting our flow to offshore again, aiding in another warm up.

Most of the region will be in the low 70's midweek and most likely stay warm for the remainder of the weekend, but models are not 100% certain on how long the warm weather will last.

As we get closer the forecast will be updated as need be.