We can not catch a break, winds persist through week

Posted at 3:30 PM, Mar 15, 2022

A system passing over California pushed in a fair amount of clouds in San Luis Obispo County, but our temperatures did not see a substantial change.

Throughout the next few days winds will continue to be the main story, a wind advisory once again in place for Santa Barbara County areas. Those include SB mountains and the South Coast which will see wind speeds of 25 mph and gusts up to 45 mph. The advisory is in place until Wednesday at 3:00 a.m..

A high surf advisory is also in place for all west and northwest facing beaches in both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County. Waves will be large between 9-12 ft. and the waters will have a dangerous rip current.

Temperatures throughout the rest of the week will continue to climb. Coastal areas sitting in the lower 70's while inland areas and SB County will be a bit warmer in the upper 70's. The exception to the 70's will be areas on the north coast, having a harder time climbing out the of the 60's.

Skies will also clear once the system passing overhead makes its way east Tuesday evening and northerly winds once again start to ramp up.

Enjoy the warm weather because Friday will be the last day of sunshine before a major drop in temperature. A storm system will reach the Central Coast on Saturday, tanking our temperatures and bringing a slight chance for rain.

The system is still too far out to nail down exact rainfall amounts but if we do see moisture it will be mainly in SLO County. Models on the more generous side are showing lots of cold air, a substantial fall in snow levels, drizzle, and more wind.

On the more conservative model readings we are still seeing a substantial cooling but the snow elevations do not come down as far and less wind.

The biggest impact either way will be our daytime highs going from upper 70's to the lower 60's. Get your neck brace ready for some more weather whiplash, because those lower 60's shoot up to near 80 as we head into next week. Models are showing the chance of record breaking heat by the time we start the work week.