Winter weather whiplash for the Central Coast

Posted at 11:39 PM, Feb 27, 2022

The Central Coast saw a very big temperature jump today with many places skyrocketing into the mid 70's. Sunday will be another warm day as highs jump up even more, sending some spots into the 80's.

The High Surf Advisory is still in place for all the west facing beaches in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties until Monday at 1pm. Waves will be between 10 and 11 feet with a very strong rip current. Use extra caution when near and in the water, risk of drowning is heightened during this period.

The offshore flow helping keep things warm will start to fizzle out starting Tuesday evening, slowly turning back to onshore each day after. The ridge of high pressure on top of the forecast area will also start to break down at that time, as a new colder system approaches.

Winds will peak Monday morning hitting gusting speeds upwards of 20mph for a few wind prone areas, but as the cool system approaches the winds will also start to die down.

Highs will peak for the coastal areas on Monday but stay in the upper 70's until Wednesday. The interior areas will be slower to cool since it does not have the sea breeze to speed up the process, so their peak temperatures will be seen on Tuesday.

Wednesday there will be a slight increase in clouds but the more noticeable change will start on Thursday and continue to cool through the weekend. The marine layer and a chance for some coastal fog will also increase during this time.

This whiplash winter weather season we have been having will take us into the low 60's and even possibly a few upper 50's by the end of the weekend.