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Los Osos cat reunited with owner after 21 days trapped without food or water

Posted at 5:59 PM, May 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-20 21:13:39-04

A Los Osos man has been reunited with his cat after the feline spent three weeks trapped in a camper.

Storm was reunited with his owner, Nicko Agapay, on Sunday after spending 21 days without food or water.

“He’s a survivor – tough – and just, he wasn’t ready to go,” Agapay said. “Hearing him go through that is just inspiring for me.”

Agapay first reported Storm missing April 29, posting online and calling animal shelters around the area.

Kristin Hansen, the owner of the camper, said her daughter called over the weekend because her roommate heard meowing coming from the vehicle.

When Hansen arrived, she found the stowaway cat hungry, dehydrated, and afraid.

After searching missing cat flyers online, Hansen learned Storm was reported missing by Agapay and she called him up.

Hansen believes Storm crept in while they were cleaning and doing repairs on the vehicle on April 28.

“Apparently, somehow the cat went inside during the short time my husband had the door open and of course he did not realize this had occurred,” Hansen said.

Storm got a checkup Monday at Mission Animal Hospital in San Luis Obispo.

Agapay, who is a veteran, received Storm as a gift from his girlfriend after he returned from the Navy.

“He’s shy like me,” Agapay said.

Agapay added that he’s relieved to have Storm back because he’s more than just a pet, he’s a companion.