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Authorities identify additional victims of deadly Conception boat fire

Thirty-four people died
Posted at 2:47 PM, Sep 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-10 22:31:37-04

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office says it has now been able to positively identify 27 victims from the deadly Conception boat fire.

The identities of 22 of the victims were released Friday morning. Another five, all from California, were released Tuesday.

The additional victims have been identified as:

  • Adrian Dahood-Fritz, 40, from Sacramento
  • Lisa Fiedler, 52, from Mill Valley
  • Kristina “Kristy” Finstad, 41, from Tamrick Pines
  • Fernisa Sison, 57, from Stockton
  • Kristian Takvam, 34, from San Francisco

Their families have been notified.

Sheriff Bill Brown has said traditional autopsies will not be performed, as the pathologist is convinced that the victims died of smoke inhalation.

Identification of the other six victims recovered is expected to happen later this week once investigators receive DNA samples from family members and are able to compare and match the profiles with the victims, according to the sheriff's office.

Brown says the victims, 21 women and 13 men, ranged in age from 16- to 62-years-old.

Search efforts for the body of the final victim resumed Tuesday after being called off over the weekend and Monday due to high winds.