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Drive-by visit helps teachers connect with their students at Monarch Grove Elementary

Posted at 11:08 AM, Apr 03, 2020

While students are learning virtually from home, teachers and staff from Monarch Grove Elementary School in Los Osos decided to bring some cheer by hosting a car parade.

Car parades are happening all over the country. We told you about one in Arroyo Grande on Wednesday.

For Monarch Grove Elementary students, their last day of school was Friday, March 13.

We spoke to a couple of the school's kindergarten teachers and they say it's great interacting with their kids virtually, but it's not the same kind of connection they'd get in person.

"Kinder students that are five and six, they need that contact with their teachers and their friends, so it's really been a struggle to keep that alive," said Michelle Kass, kindergarten teacher at Monarch Grove.

"Especially when we preach all the time, 'limited screen time,' but now we're asking them to be on a screen," said Jayme Davidson, another kindergarten teacher at Monarch Grove.

Both teachers say they often tell their students that they miss them and they hope to see them again soon.