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NAACP holds rally in downtown San Luis Obispo calling for an end to violence

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Posted at 2:43 PM, Jul 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-03 01:15:31-04

The NAACP San Luis Obispo County branch used the courthouse steps as a platform to spread their message: end violence.

Several speakers took the podium to discuss police brutality, physical war, imperialism, and domestic violence at Thursday's rally held on Monterey Street.

"I have had personal experiences where I have been oppressed, so I feel like its really important to show your support," said Sidney Williams, a rally participant. "It's important that they're talking about it because I feel like a lot of people are unaware of what's actually going on."

Speakers also talked on the theme of stopping racism and violence, covering topics that also include mental health, cultural changes, and gun access.

"When you look at what's going on with policing and the whole consciousness and murder and everything and what causes it is violence. Violence by the police, violence by the perpetrators, violence is really the enemy," said Stephen Vines, the President of the NAACP San Luis Obispo County Branch.

Trevon Perry's cousin took to the podium to call for justice in his murder case.

Perry went missing out of Paso Robles nearly three months ago and his remains believed to be found last week.

"The violence has to stop, it has to stop and it starts with us. If we don't do anything we are going to keep dying," said Porsche Bailey, Perry's cousin.

Organizers hoped to build momentum up until the election by encouraging participants to register to vote.

NAACP San Luis Obispo County encouraged community members to gather peacefully and bring signs. Masks and social distancing were required for participation.

The event was live-streamed on the NAACP San Luis Obispo County Branch Facebook page.

The organization's first rally was held on June 4 and attracted several thousand demonstrators to downtown San Luis Obispo.

More rallies are planned monthly throughout the summer, the next one happening August 6th.