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The Pismo Beach car show draws more business to local shops

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jun 04, 2023

Sunday marked the third and final day of the “Classic at Pismo Beach” car show.

The big annual event draws around 60,000 to 75,000 car lovers from all over the country. Those are the same crowds local businesses look forward to.

“It was great. I know for our local businesses around here, especially my food establishment," said House of the Rising Buns owner, Bobby Lynch.

 Event organizers say they try to involve local businesses as much as possible.

“It brings in a lot of money and a lot of revenue to them and so far, what we've heard is pretty, pretty good. So I hope it stays that way," said car show VP of operations, Kasha Green.

The wave of crowds is what Bobby Lynch said allows him to build a bigger customer base both with locals and visitors.

“A lot of people came in and bought the fresh baked sourdough that I make every day. That was a big hit. People just walking around eating my bread was a cool thing to see," added Lynch.

 It doesn’t come without preparation. The increase in business means prepping ahead of time to be ready.

Lynch said he bulks up on almost everything in his store.

“More of like the mental capacity of like, getting ready for such a big weekend. I make sure, like, big days like that, that I've got fresh bread in the oven cooking so that bread smell goes out," explained Lynch.

 Jerky Jerky is another business welcoming the influx of visitors.

“Way more, way more. I mean, normally it's pretty busy, but like just today we made about 400, 500 dollars within an hour," said Angel Alcaraz, Jerky Jerky general manager.

Some businesses on Price Street did have signs up indicating they were closed for the car show.